DedalStudio 1.2

DedalStudio is a CAISE tool and Eclipse-based environment for modeling, verifying and evolving component-based software architectures according to three views that cover the whole software lifcycle :

  • Specification view: structural design of the architecture according to functional requirements by defining and composing component roles.
  • Configuration view : represents the implmentation model of the architecture. It is composed of existing components called component classes to be reused to realize the requirements defined in the specification view.
  • Assembly view : represents the deployment model of the architecture. It is an isntantiation of the configuration view and it is composed of component instances.

DedalStudio is mainly designed for software systems architects to help them design, implement, deploy and evolve software architectures in reuse-centered development processes. The tool inetgrates the use the B-method in the software development life-cycle. It generates formal specifications from architectural models to verify their correctness.

The current version of DedalStudio is still under testing and improvements. We aim to extend it and fully integrate it into Eclipse in order to promote it. Do not hesitate to contact us for any remarks, ideas or suggestions that may help us.

How to install DedalStudio 1.2 :

      1- Intall Eclipse if it is not yet installed on your machine (preferably Luna version).
      2- Run your Eclipse and install SIRIUS by dragging it to your running workspace.
      3- Download the DedalStudio projects by clicking here.
      4- Unzip the donlowaded workpace and add it to your Eclipse (File->import->Existing projects into workspace).
      5- Install the ProB tool (preferably version 1.4). (Follow the installation instructions on the ProB website:
      6- Add new Eclipse configuration (call it DedalStudio1.2) and run it.
      7- After a first start, an empty .proB folder will be created in the home directory. Copy the contents of the installed ProB on that folder.
      8- Now DedalStudio should be ready for use!

How to use DedalStudio

A tutorial will be added soon.